Monthly Archives: August 2008


Click here to read an interesting article I found from CNN news a few years back!

Trying to make a comeback

I apologize for the lengthy silence.  Something happened to me a while back that has been consuming my thoughts for some time.  I cannot share it here.

I am no longer taking Lithium.  I am off the stuff for good.  It feels great to rid myself of constant sleepiness.

I also fired my therapist back in June and am in the process of finding a new therapist.  Given the number of unemployed therapists out there, and I know there are a lot, I can’t believe how hard it is to find one.

I am finally able to write again after a long time of frustration and inability to concentrate.  Since around April, I struggled to write.  I wrote about what happened to me, the incident that was bothering me, and that freed me.  I’ve been writing with pencil on lined paper and that seems to work right now.

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