A Hat to Match

Do you recall the Patchwork Pastel Sweater I made for Puzzle?  Click here to view it.

Well, I’m working on a hat to match, and I’m just about done with it.  I’ve made it in a similar manner to the way I made her sweater.  First, I made strips:

I made nine of them.  Then, I sewed them all together:

All that I have to do now is to figure out what to do with the hole in the top, and to figure out how to bind off the bottom of the hat.  I was thinking of preserving the scalloped look, but you know something?  You can’t even tell it’s scalloped once it gets on my head.  So I may bind it in a few rows of ribbing, not a lot.  Lastly, I must weave in the zillions of ends that are on the inside of the hat.  It will be a very warm hat, and it is 100% merino wool.  Puzzle and I will be twins!

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