Watertown Housing Authority maintenance screws up again

Before I left for the hospital, I believe it was Tuesday the 12thof January, I called maintenance about the leak in my bathroom that I believed was coming from the toilet.  When I stepped on the floor, water came up from between the linoleum tiles, in little puddles.  It may have been the 12th that I made the call.  Meanwhile, I had already slipped and fallen twice from the puddles.  They came the next day and looked at it, and said they’d send the plumber, Sean, who also works for the Watertown Housing Authority. They said the toilet was leaking.  Then on the 14th at 9am I left for the hospital, and expected that the work would be completed within a day or two, and that I wouldn’t have to worry about it while I was gone.

Wrong-o, wrong-o, wrong, wrong, wrong.  I arrived home on the 22nd to find that the leak hadn’t been fixed.  Every time I stepped on the floor, a puddle came up.  I felt like the bathroom was a swamp, and it sickened me to go in there.  I couldn’t bear to brush my teeth in there, and instead brushed them in the kitchen sink.

Finally, on the 25th, after I had nagged the maintenance lady, Debbie, several times, Sean came and looked at the situation.  He said he’d be back on the 26th, yesterday, to take the toilet off the floor and re-do the seal.  He came in the morning while I was out.  The procedure worked.

Problem was, because the adjacent bedroom parkay wood floor had been soaking wet for so long, when it dried up it buckled up and expanded, and now it’s in bits, and a mess, and hazardous to step on.  There’s an area 3 x 3 feet that’s formed a big bump in the floor.  Because of Housing’s negligence, it’s going to have to be redone.  It is unsafe for me to walk barefoot there now.  Here’s a photograph of the part of the damage that I could capture in an image:

I called maintenance today, and Debbie said she’d send Sean to “look at it.”  I wasn’t home, so I don’t know if he came.

Living in a run-down apartment is a negative influence on my mental state.  I don’t need this, especially not now.

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