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Paul Selig’s I AM THE WORD comes out June 24

You’ve got to get this book.  Pre-order it.  Paul Selig is an incredible writer, speaker, and medium.  Just read the testimonials on his website.  I have been to his Writers’ Healing Circle and it is amazing.  If you are a writer, or if you are anyone, you need this book.


Here’s how Puzzle’s sweater looks!


Check out this neat blog I just found!

Here’s an article I particularly like:

The new initialed striped-trim sweater

Here is a preview of Puzzle’s next sweater!  I tried it on just to see if the collar fit.  It does.  It is stranded:

Note the detail of the pattern on the shoulder.  This makes a very thick weave, very warm.  The yarn is the same as the last sweater: Lamb’s Pride  Bulky by  Brown Sheep Company.

I haven’t done any knitting since returning home from the hospital, but I did an inventory of my yarn.  I am donating a bunch of it to the hospital, along with some instructions I assembled, a DVD, and needles and other supplies.  The patients all enjoy knitting there, and they really could use more materials.

Final Version of Lamb’s Pride Braided Dog Sweater for Female Dog Posted

Please click


for the final version of the pattern!

The good news about coffee!

I found this in my travels:

I love the stuff!

I’m back!

I’m back from the hospital!

I had a miserable time.  They kept feeding me and feeding me, and in addition, they tube-fed me for nine days.  The naso-gastric tube was a tube that ran from a bag of feed solution up my nose, down my throat and esophagus and into my  stomach.  On the tenth day, I refused the feeding.  On the morning of the twelfth day, I pulled the tube out.  Every day that I ate and was fed, I felt as though I had just eaten a huge cake.  I felt stuffed–overstuffed–as if I had just eaten Thanksgiving Dinner three or four times in succession.  And this I felt after every meal.  Refusal of food meant more tube feed.  Accepting food and tube feed–and gaining weight–was the only way out of there.

You could look at it that way.  On the other hand, what I had been doing to myself before the hospital would have killed me sooner or later, so it’s a good thing somebody put an end to it.  It’s just too bad it had to take such a drastic measure to get it to stop.

So, I suppose I should be thankful….

I totally hate my new body.

But all that aside, I did get my dog sweater nearly finished.  Here is is on Puzzle:

The ends aren’t yet woven in, and there is a part underneath, the chest piece, that is only partly attached, that needs sewing up.  I’m done with the little legs.  I have revisions to put into the pattern, not many, but some, that I will put in tomorrow.  Stay tuned!  I also made a matching hat for myself:

See you all soon!

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