Flashing lights

You know, I feel fairly decent today.  It is near the end of the year.  Already, the days are getting longer.  The difference is only a couple of minutes, but it seemed very noticeable to me.  Puzzle and I celebrated this difference during our late afternoon walk.  I had my headphones turned up loud.

We walked down Main Street where a cop car had stopped a speeder.  It is a place where this often occurs.  I didn’t want Puzzle to linger too long under the flashing lights.   For some reason, the lights reminded me of those strobe lights they had at my junior high dances.  The music was sickeningly loud there.  I had never heard music so loud.  I ended up dancing with Charlie I think, but I don’t quite remember.  Then he introduced me to Jeff.  I already knew Jeff but I guess it was our formal introduction.  And then we were going out, me and Jeff.  We kept it secret.  We wrote letters in the summer and wrote our initials backwards so our parents wouldn’t know who it was.  My parents guessed anyway.  Then he broke up with me and told everyone that he hated me.  I was in the eighth grade and I didn’t really care.  We never spoke again.

Puzzle and I came home, and I fed her.  Dog food is so simple.  You just put it in a bowl and the dog eats it.

It is around 6pm.  So far, I have made it through the day.  You can never be sure.  I am blessed.


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