Want some peace? Turn off your facebook notifications.

I got so sick of the “groups” that I turned most of them off.  Sure, I’m still a member but getting the beeps and buzzes every time someone posted was getting annoying.

No, I told myself, I didn’t really have to go running to every cause out there and give every last bit of energy I had left.  I could save some of my energy to stay alive.

Of course, I turned off all electronics for lengthy periods, only to be bombarded again and again with multiple notifications from the “groups” once I turned them back on.  One person arguing one thing, another person making another point I felt I could not ignore.

It was turning into one big hate machine.  I didn’t feel okay with it.  Sure, we’re all in this together, but why all this backbiting?  I always suspected that Facebook turned mature adults into a bunch of bullying junior high school kids.  Now, I really believe it.  I think it’s sad.

About juliemadblogger

My name is Julie Greene. I am the author of the memoir, This Hunger Is Secret. The book is out in paperback from Chipmunkapublishing and will be available from Amazon and other booksellers, and from me, signed, at readings. I have written eight or nine books...I have lost count now. I earned my BFA from Emerson College in Writing, Literature, and Publishing in 2003 and my MFA in Creative Writing in 2009 from Goddard College. I am an an activist for people with eating disorders, and have had three and a half decades lived experience in the Mental Health System as a patient with an eating disorder which was largely ignored while they invented other nonexistent "disorders" for me, whichever made the most profit. I no longer suffer from ED because I rejected Mental Health Care and every myth I was ever taught in the Mental Heath System. I am currently writing a book on how you, too, can unbrainwash yourself, bust the myths, end suffering, and start living joyfully.

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