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What is a mental patient?

There’s no difference between what constitutes “mental patient” and the rest of the population. Here’s why?

What makes a mental patient? All a person has to do to become one is to go to a shrink. Any ole shrink will do, find one on your “insurance” plan and poof! You’re now the proud wearer of a diagnosis. After that, expect your quality of life to sharply decrease. You will be seen through the lens of that diagnosis now, and for life, so it’s time to start acting the part.  That’s how a mental patient is made. I swear they were right when they said most of life is showing up. Get your foot in the door and you’ll see.

Are you labeled “bipolar”? Now, everyone expects a bipolar out of you. What happens is you will begin to act out your diagnosis. Why? It pleases the shrinks and you get praised for it. You don’t even realize this is happening.

Labeled “danger to self”? Before you know it, you’ll act out that part, too. You’ll start collecting pills and sharp objects. You will get praised every time you say “I’m unsafe.” You don’t even recognize this as praise.

Labeled with “personality disorder”? Go out and act that one out, too. If you’ve never cut before, you can use that label as reason to go buy razor blades and try it out.

So go chart those “symptoms.” The shrinks will love it. Now, they can more precisely “medicate.” You will take those drugs totally convinced of your dire “need” for them.

That is not freedom. It’s slavery to a bogus system based on lies. If you ever make it out, you’ll realize, just as I did, the extent of the deception. Most of their “research” is funded by corporations who have a vested interest in keeping people sick. Taxpayers pay to keep otherwise thriving individuals enslaved to all that baloney.

Ditch it. All of it. You can’t keep one foot in and one foot out. Get off the drugs but do so responsibly.  Please don’t get on their payroll under the guise of “peer support.” Don’t work for some government funded agency. I don’t care how liberal it is, I don’t buy it.  If you are going to be a mentor, work for yourself and for godsakes don’t charge an insanely high fee. You’re just ripping people off.  Better yet, do for free.

Above all, live well. Live responsibly. This means respecting others just as we humans expect others to respect us. Do good things in the world and spread goodness. Show the world that you NEVER needed their “treatment.” Show the world that you are fine on your own, better off without their programs, appointments, monitoring, management, supervision, and other babysitting. This way, we will prevail. We will be strong. We will be a wonder to behold.

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