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Gout: Update

I am progressing with this issue and I am happy to say it seems to be subsiding. I know I have it, but it is not at all stopping me from fully living my life. Today Puzzle and I went out for a 10km run. I have been running less frequently lately since the gout has been concerning.  If I were to run as often as three times a week, I don’t think I’d subject Puzzle to it. Although she’s a very small dog,  she’s eight years old now. She’s not showing any sign of aging whatsoever, such as joint stiffness. Many still stop me in the street and ask if she’s a cachorrita. That means little girl puppy. But she isn’t. I must keep in mind that running can be taxing on an older dog’s joints. When I ran with my dog Tiger, my vet suggested that I run her on soft surfaces as much as possible. Soft surfaces are good for people, too. I don’t have any problem with my joints while running nor afterward, nor any stiffness. Clearly, the gout affects the skin or surrounding tissue only. I still see redness, swelling, and I have pain in the area but not on impact. I felt the pain right before Puzzle and I started running. We had just walked out the door. Puzzle’s leash brushed against the inflamed area. OUCH! Wow. I don’t feel anything like that now. I don’t look forward to peeling my sock off, though. I’m going to be hopping into the shower soon and am not looking forward to having to look at this thing.

What has helped? Here’s a list of possible “cures” I have found online and elsewhere.

Baking soda. They say 1/2 tsp in water as soon as the attack starts will provide relief. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be reacting well to baking soda. Others say taking it consistently for a week or two will gradually relief the gout. However, I don’t want to take it for even a week. I don’t want the sodium besides.

Ginger. I can’t say, since I consume ginger anyway.

Curcumon/Turmeric – Again, I take this anyway.

Staying away from sugar – I would say that this is a very good idea. I found that if I eat sugar I get an attack within hours, or less.

Staying away from processed meats. These might include bologna, salami, all kinds of wursts, pepperoni, jerky, etc. Please do. These seem to bring on an attack, too.

They say one of the worst offending foods is canned sardines. I’ll vouch that canned sardines are awful-tasting here so I don’t think I will have a problem. I used to think some brands were “okay” only to find out they contain considerable salt. What the heck’s in the salt? What is called “salt” varies from country to country. Here, there are warning labels and signs in restaurants saying to stay away.

If you go to different websites you will see plenty of contradiction. Some say coffee helps, but to stay away from black tea. Others say coffee is the sin of the world. Coffee doesn’t seem to bring on an attack at all, and in fact, I feel good when I drink it, as do many people. It is especially nice on a cold morning, piping hot. Most agree that alcohol should be avoided. I saw plenty of websites where drinkers of alcohol were motivated to quit due to the excruciating pain that drinking caused.

I am reading some publications written by actual sufferers. What worked for them?

I can tell you the one thing that helped the most:

Hugging Puzzle – Wow does that help! If you have gout, hugging your dog should be the first course of action! If you  are skeptical, then, can I ask if you have gout yourself, and if so, have you tried hugging your dog today? I lie with Puzzle many hours at night, which provides amazing relief.

I am sure I will be able to conquer this. Very soon.

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