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Is it possible to recover from “mental illness”?

Is it possible to recover from “mental illness”?

Of course not. I don’t acknowledge that altered emotional or mental states is an illness. I do believe if you are unhappy now, you will most likely not always be unhappy. I do acknowledge that incredibly deep depression exists, but I don’t see that as a disease state nor have I known a single permanently depressed person. I have seen people stuck in the MH System, and still stuck. That’s a good reason why most people are still depressed, unhappy, and hopeless.  I wish they will move beyond their own diagnoses and realize there’s a whole world of possibility out there.

The other side of the hill

It is quieter now. People always want me to blog more about my new life here, but truthfully, I am wanting to keep most of what I do, and think about, to myself. I can tell you it can get crazy-busy many days. I never quite accomplish a day’s goals because I put too much on the list.

People want more photos and fewer words.  People tell me they don’t like to read. That’s one of the many reasons I got off Facebook. I am too much of a writer and can’t be satisfied relating to others via


It’s not my thing. I hope I never see “lol” again.

I’ll never forget the very first time I went to a chatroom. This must have been  December 1997. I watched the texts fly by and the conversation consisted of:

Idk. H wants to do the wii. bye

I told myself right away this wasn’t my thing. Finally, I got up the guts to ask, “What’s LOL?” and someone told me. I can’t say I am fond of these silly abbreviations and when people use them I often ask them to clarify.

There was one very popular chat room for those with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or, rather, people who were totally convinced they had more than one personality. There was even some “littles” corner, so that gave people the opportunity to switch into their child personalities right when the chat started, talk baby talk, then return from their work break as intact adults.  I heard at the time that this is a neurological thing but is that still considered true or was someone overdiagnosing for profit?

If you see someone who is acting like Dr. Jekl and Mr. Hyde, there is most likely one of these things going on:

“He turns into an asshole when he is drunk.”

“He is alert during the day but does nothing but lie in bed all night.”

“He runs around in gym class but during English class he sits still.”

“He is fine during break but he can’t smoke in the office.”

“Why is that actor so funny on stage and so deadpan on a date?”

Okay okay I won’t go on even though I am having fun.

The times change. Funny how that happens. If we laugh now at 1980’s style hair and clothes and music, what will we say of the trendy magazines that teach you what “disorder”you probably have and how to “cope better”?

Jeez, will those articles please stop? We need to stop reading them and following what our hearts tell us to do.

I can tell you boredom isn’t in my mental repertoire. I am proud to say I enjoy many of the other emotions whenever I need to. I don’t cry easily anymore. I’m relieved of that. Some of the past weepiness came from drugs, but I also know I have far less to cry about now. Still, I am never bored. You could put me in a room with four white walls and nothing and I would sit still making up writing in my head. I don’t waste my brain too much. I am happy not wasting it on Facebook.

Are there any psych diagnoses in the Bible? “Good man,” “Evil man,” “angry God,” “loving God,” but these aren’t diagnoses.  From what I can tell, these moral distinctions do not imply permanence. We see time and time again, very good people doing wicked things. Why? We aren’t perfect.

They say Moses did a terrible sin, showing weakness in his leadership, by slamming down and smashing to bits God’s first version of the Ten Commandments. What the heck was so objectionable about that first draft?

I think that moment, that glimpse of an imperfect Moses, was left in there deliberately. Question Authority. And I will leave you with that.

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