Who is the leading manufacturer of Electroshock machines? Somatics, LLC, in Clearwater, Florida, run by CEO psychiatrist Conrad Swartz

This is the leading manufacturer of the elctroshock machine, which does shock treatments to innocent people who are never properly informed about the consequences.

Here are some links to Somatics:

http://www.psychsearch.net/somatics/   (photos of office added today)



Oh, while I’m at it, the shock doc at McLean who did the shock on me in 1996 even after my family and my boyfriend Joe begged him to stop was Michael E Henry.  He’s still doing shock at Mass General apparently. He’s now been promoted to head of “bipolar” clinic at McLean. I can assure you he knows tons about the brain.  Can he even aim?

Those shock docs should stick to aiming into toilets, and stop aiming voltage at people’s brains.

Oh, shall I  make a mood chart for y’all’s? Got graph paper and fancy crayons? I know some software analysts who can get real fancy “proving” my bipolarism.

“According to the evidence, you are in a better mood some days than others.” Rocket science!

Well, I need some very heavy duty drugs and some convulsive-whatever. How about just paying my electric bill and I’ll hold a light bulb over my head and crack up laughing.


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  1. Dear Conrad, who said in 1995 — “AccoPsychiatrists don’t make much money, and by practicing ECT they can bring their income almost up to the level of the family practitioner or internist.
” CONRAD SWARTZ (U.S. psychiatrist), in Dennis Cauchon, “Shock Therapy,” USA Today, 6 December 1995. Swartz is co-owner of Somatics, Inc., manufacturer of the Thymatron ECT device. Cauchon reported that, according to the American Medical Association, psychiatrists earned an average of $131,300 in 1993. This was in response to complaints by psychiatrists about the new “managed care” system that threatened to curtail their incomes. He and Dicky Abrams, his partner and author of the definitive text book on ECT, (THAT was a coup), put out a misinformation brochure in the late 1990s that, apart from lies in almost every paragraph contained this little gem,
    “Memory disturbances are needed for ECT to work, and doctors use special techniques such as brief pulse and right unilateral ECT to minimise any effects on memory.” What exactly is their aim here?


    • Yeah, Dr. Henry came out with a book, too. It had good reviews, I suppose by other shock docs. Something about the book being easy to understand. That’s nice. Hitler did the same thing. He realized that to convince the most people of his hate speech he had to lower the educational reading level of his own writing to the lowest level of his readers.


    • I really crack up when shrinks complain about how little money they make. Are they on food stamps? Do we see them going to Goodwill to buy their suits and ties? What about dental care? If they make so little money, how come their entire family has such straight and shiny white teeth and they still manage to pay the electric bills for the mansions?

      Oh no, I know, they use the ECT machines to run the hot water heater. Oh, progress. That would more than boil it.


      • Actually 450 volts would blow the whole neighbourhood, but then nobody would be depressed, just dead if it missed their heads.


      • Naw, we need to use that, right? How about…Rocket science!!! Use and ECT machine to get to the moom and deposit the entire science of psychiatry right there and leave it there. And do not let it back!


      • Excuse me, non-science. Full of holes. Like cheese. Which, of course, the moon is made of. Every kid knows that. I had some for lunch the other day, that’s proof! That’s why sometimes you only see part of the moon, someone ate some of it. Hmm…eating moon cheese probably cures more effectively than EC”T”.


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