I have known “undocumented” immigrants. Not one was a criminal…..

I have known many Uruguayans who were “caught” undocumented in the United States. They were not doing anything wrong, not dealing drugs nor were they thieves. What were they doing? Raising families, taking care of loved ones, and trying to get by. All the “illegals” I have known were women. I can’t say enough that uprooting a family like that is cruel. One of these people was “illegal” due to a very minor technicality. This is common. The paperwork can get messed up. Do you know how many times the US government screws up their paperwork? They can’t seem to catch tax evaders nor employers who hire underage workers. They’re so behind, but that’s kinda understandable seeing that there are so, so many people to keep track of. The sheer numbers are going to muck up most computer systems anyway.

One of these “illegals” sadly was separated from family. I ask anyone out there, how would you feel if government red tape did that to your family? Often bureaucracy will prevent a family from being with each other, and they cannot reunite for many years. I think cops have better things to do than hound people that might not have the right paperwork. Aren’t they supposed to stop speeders and help children and elderly people? Aren’t they supposed to help cats stuck in trees? Or find lost dogs? Or help a person who may have taken too much heroin. Let’s not bog down the cops to do this very nasty work of kicking out “illegals.” I’ll bet most wouldn’t want to do it.

Hey, if a person should get caught, why not just give them a slap on the wrist and tell them they need to get their paperwork in order. Is your paperwork in order? If your desk looks all cluttered with used tissues like mine, it’s not. Which reminds me, I really need to toss them one of these days instead of letting them pile up like this. Sometimes I go on a rampage and find all the crumpled up sales slips, coupons I won’t use, and other miscellany and toss it all. I’m not breaking up families, I’m just neatening up around here.


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