Justina’s story….

This story that Justina tells is not some exception, but the way patients are usually treated on a psych unit. Warning: Those of us who have bad memories of such places might find this interview extremely disturbing because it brings back the memories:


I know people are asking, “How can such a prestigious hospital like Children’s Hospital in Boston be wrong? Let me tell you I do not care how prestigious a place is, all these psych units are inhumane! I have heard nightmare stories about Bader 5 in particular.

The story late in the interview about the shower incident is typical. Note that the “staff” always defer to each other. The patient is always wrong no matter what. This is the typical way that people are treated.

I hope that more of us can speak up about the human rights abuses that diagnosed people have to go through. It is not care. It is abuse.


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