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I have been keeping my blog here 11 years. I do not get paid to write these words.  I write because it keeps me going. To pass freely onto you. To tell you, “I am.”

I have published many articles online and in print.

Recently I sent in official commentary to the FDA regarding the Electroshock procedure. I am a survivor, having endured “ECT” at McLean Hospital in 1995 and 1996, and briefly again in 2000 at Norwood Hospital and followed up at McLean, which I stopped before the damages again severely disabled me as before. Here is the commentary, which includes and downloadable file in .pdf or .doc:

The file is quite lengthy.

Here is a list of recent articles I had published in the online journal, Mad In America:

The following received much attention at MIA:

Here is a recent article I had published regarding whistle-blowing:

White Tablecloths and Trinkets

I have recently started doing comedy again and have revived my read-aloud channel on Spreaker. Here is just a sampling:

I have made a few YouTubes,which vary in quality and topic.

I was interviewed by Colin Taufer regarding Electroshock:

This Hunger Is Secret: My Journeys Through Mental Illness and Wellness is my memoir about the years I believed I had a mental illness.  This memoir was originally my master’s thesis that I wrote for my graduate studies for my MFA in Creative Writing at Goddard College.  I trace my early life growing up in Lexington, Massachusetts.  I talk about being part of a group of outcasts at Lexington High School, where our place of solace was an empty locker.  There, we left secret poems for each other.  Later, I attended a day treatment program, in a chapter called “At the Crossroads.”  My first hospitalization was in a community hospital in Vermont.  That chapter is called “A Forgotten Line.”  In my chapter, “Pro Re Nata, I talk about my incarceration at a state “hospital” in Massachusetts.  “Walking the Line” is about a time that I was very ill in 1997, spending time at the famous McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts.  I didn’t realize that this mysterious “illness” was due to the aftereffects of electroshock “therapy,” which was intended to cure, not harm.  At the center of all this is the essay, “Hunger,” which describes my hunger for life, love, and God.  There is a Prologue and Epilogue, and many, many chapters in-between.

The chapters are braided, interwoven mysteriously.  This book is about craving.  It’s about wanting something and not knowing what it is.  It’s about having a gnawing hunger that grows inside of you until it drives you insane.  It’s also about growing up, and about codependency and learning to leap out of these relationships and become yourself again.

This Hunger Is Secret is temporarily out of print. I will let you know when it will be available again.

You can listen to me read from the memoir here.

I have written eight or nine books. I have lost count! Two have been published to date. I will be releasing a third book shortly after This Hunger Is Secret is republished.

Stay tuned.


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