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Julie Greene is a persona that people have to watch.  Demanding audience attention from get-go, she mines topics endlessly with her compelling stage presence, inhabiting characters such as her therapists, her father, and, of course, “my mother,” the one-of-a-kind crazy-mom who entertains us with her non-stop trivialities.

Julie Greene is deliciously morose, brilliant, and just plain strange.  She is a shape-shifter with an irreverent style, genteel and brassy at the same time.  You can tell her mind is working in many different directions as she goes off on her rhythmic rants.  She truly has fun with words.

Born on Elvis’ birthday (January 8), Julie Greene grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts, and graduated high school around the time of this country’s bicentennial (do the math).  She studied music at UMass and Bennington College.  Assuming she sucked at music, she went on to get kicked out of practical nursing school because she was too smart (this is the honest truth).  Totally bummed, for the next two decades she hung out with dubious characters, who became great material for comedic writing.  She received her Bachelor’s degree from Emerson College in 2003 and Master’s from Goddard College in 2009, both in creative writing.  She is a published writer and also a National Novel Writing Month 2009 winner.  For better or worse, she has studied stand-up comedy with Bob Gautreau.  She lives in Watertown, Massachusetts with Puzzle, the best-dressed Schnoodle in New England.


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