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Eating disorders online meeting tonight! 5pm New York time!

Here is the information:

Support for eating/ food challenges. Call toll-free 855-661-1243 or web-in to: Details below.

This is a group for those of us who identify as having eating/ food challenges. Gather virtually to enjoy a meal together, take back our bodies and celebrate our freedom to choose. No assessments, no monitoring, no force. Bring your food to the computer or your computer to the table. If you don’t have a mic (these are generally built-in to newer machines) then you can call in by phone! Video (always optional) coming soon.

We celebrate freedom to:

• choose our own food, according to our bodies’ unique needs
• reclaim authority over our bodies
• celebrate our unique food histories and preferences
• eat without intrusive monitoring, judgment, threats, or force
• celebrate the joy of cooking and the variety of and abundance of our planet’s resources
• understand the politics and economics of food and agriculture
• speak our minds, voice our thoughts – without fear that we will be censored or ‘trigger’ others
• speak up, voice discomfort and take responsibility if we want to change the topic.

Our only rule is mutual respect and some level of table manners. Remember we are each other’s guests! Let’s have fun!

To Join the Group:

-Call Toll-Free: 855-661-1243 No Pin Needed
-Alternate number: 331-205-7196
-Web in:

For Added Privacy:
Please use the *67 feature to block caller ID. For instructions on how to do this:


This event is part of the Virtual Drop In/ Respite, a project of the Wellness & Recovery Human Rights Campaign,

For a complete schedule of events at the Virtual Drop In/ Respite,

For more information about the Wellness & Recovery Human Rights Campaign and what we stand for,


Psychiatric diagnosis is by nature, misdiagnosis.

Psychiatric diagnosis is by nature, misdiagnosis. Psychiatric diagnosis is an act of power, a hate crime, designed to subdue a large portion of the population, in particular, those of us who are brave enough to defy the status quo. Rebellious children, that is, kids like us who think, are best subdued as early as possible, thereby averting further developmental differences and ensuring the uniformity of the human race. Should the state of affairs get truly out of hand, a bit of genocide is required to clean out the stray hairs, dust, and vermin of society. The various barbaric “treatments,” touted by psychiatry are not only efficient, but barely perceptible, leaving the masses clueless.  One of the most  useful distortions of the truth is, “Mental illness diagnosis isn’t a death sentence,” when in fact, those of us who dare to think also tend to die young. We’re told that exactly why that occurs is something we’d better not think about.

One more thing I really hated about Facebook

Now and then, I’d get a message either on my page or privately saying the following:

“I am not sure I want to be your friend since you are against recovery.”

Say what? Where on earth do people get that from? I do not use that word recovery (and I explain why) but certainly, I want more than anything to end human suffering.

I would also hear the following: “You shouldn’t talk about rights. We don’t deserve them. We’re sick.”


I also heard, “Your experience was the exception. All patient care is kind.” That, in fact, is not true.

I want to tell some people the following, “Just wait till you end up with some abusive asshole for a doctor. If you are still alive, you might actually thank me.”

And I also heard, “We have to put up with inhumane care. How dare  you suggest that it could be otherwise?” Might I ask who is the one sending out a hopeless and negative message?

Or, “Yes, they put me in restraints, but I deserved it.” No one EVER deserves cruelty.

Then, I hear, “I broke a rule and that’s why they locked me in a room. It was fair. Their rules are important.” As are patient rights laws. But no, talking about rights is a sign of paranoia. Talking about rights triggers people. Because maybe I am correct after all, and folks are refusing to see the truth.

Was the entire American Revolution is based on paranoia on the part of the Colonists?  Did they need pills and treatment?  Yes, the Colonists were concerned about human rights. As were the Abolitionists. As were the Holocaust rescuers. As were those fighting for Civil Rights such as Martin Luther King. As was most of the world, in response to Hitler.


What about animal rights? Or are patients well below the animals?

“We don’t deserve rights. Mental patients  like us are dangerous and sick and we deserve to be treated like second class citizens until we are ‘better.'”

You are still suffering immensely because you are accepting of all the bigotry aimed at you. If you want to call that “treatment,” go ahead, but that “treatment” won’t improve your life. Until  you learn to stand up for yourself and demand an end to cruelty, you are missing the boat. If you continue to be a recipient of inhumane care, you will stagnate. Or die.

“So you are saying diabetics should not take insulin, right?”

No, I am saying that to compare diabetes/insulin to emotional anguish/psych meds is a complete lie. Not only that, when doctors are taught in medical school to use this analogy with patients, the med students often point out that the analogy is false. However, these medical students are assured that lying to patients who are “mentally ill” is just fine.

No one “needs” psych meds. It is one of many options, but they don’t want us to know that the other options work better.

“How dare you say that I possibly someday I won’t need pills and therapy? I have a permanent brain disease. How dare you suggest otherwise? How dare you suggest that my disease, which I proudly carry around and show off, might not always be there?”

And again, I get accused of being “negative.”

Know something? If the medical students stick around long enough, they don’t even see us as human after a while. We’re objects, things, monsters, lepers, sinners. If you have ever heard them in their huddles, cackling away, then you know.

Or if you ever catch the staff rolling their eyes.

See you later, Facebook. I don’t need your baloney.

What is a mental patient?

There’s no difference between what constitutes “mental patient” and the rest of the population. Here’s why?

What makes a mental patient? All a person has to do to become one is to go to a shrink. Any ole shrink will do, find one on your “insurance” plan and poof! You’re now the proud wearer of a diagnosis. After that, expect your quality of life to sharply decrease. You will be seen through the lens of that diagnosis now, and for life, so it’s time to start acting the part.  That’s how a mental patient is made. I swear they were right when they said most of life is showing up. Get your foot in the door and you’ll see.

Are you labeled “bipolar”? Now, everyone expects a bipolar out of you. What happens is you will begin to act out your diagnosis. Why? It pleases the shrinks and you get praised for it. You don’t even realize this is happening.

Labeled “danger to self”? Before you know it, you’ll act out that part, too. You’ll start collecting pills and sharp objects. You will get praised every time you say “I’m unsafe.” You don’t even recognize this as praise.

Labeled with “personality disorder”? Go out and act that one out, too. If you’ve never cut before, you can use that label as reason to go buy razor blades and try it out.

So go chart those “symptoms.” The shrinks will love it. Now, they can more precisely “medicate.” You will take those drugs totally convinced of your dire “need” for them.

That is not freedom. It’s slavery to a bogus system based on lies. If you ever make it out, you’ll realize, just as I did, the extent of the deception. Most of their “research” is funded by corporations who have a vested interest in keeping people sick. Taxpayers pay to keep otherwise thriving individuals enslaved to all that baloney.

Ditch it. All of it. You can’t keep one foot in and one foot out. Get off the drugs but do so responsibly.  Please don’t get on their payroll under the guise of “peer support.” Don’t work for some government funded agency. I don’t care how liberal it is, I don’t buy it.  If you are going to be a mentor, work for yourself and for godsakes don’t charge an insanely high fee. You’re just ripping people off.  Better yet, do for free.

Above all, live well. Live responsibly. This means respecting others just as we humans expect others to respect us. Do good things in the world and spread goodness. Show the world that you NEVER needed their “treatment.” Show the world that you are fine on your own, better off without their programs, appointments, monitoring, management, supervision, and other babysitting. This way, we will prevail. We will be strong. We will be a wonder to behold.

Darren Rainey update, breaking news


Commentary on what’s now known as “The Gilbert 23.”

I was with my friend today and we were discussing how to deal with mosquitoes. I told him I couldn’t bear to put up paper that would trap these creatures, because they’d go through the worst torturous death. I don’t have any real desire to kill them, only to send them the message to not bite me nor bother me with their whining. I might get pissed and think of killing one when I hear that “Waaaaaah,” but for whatever reason, I don’t have the heart to do so.

I came home and learned this: Twenty-three dogs died in an Arizona boarding kennel. From what I read in the reports, I see that the dogs were crowded into a hot, outdoor pen, confined, and deprived of food and water. At first, 20 died, two more died later I guess, and another escaped but was found dead. The kennel owners tried to cover it all up. They got caught. I have no clue why then, they ended up escaping the law. Now, a petition has come out. Thousands have signed.

I cried when I heard this, in fact, I bawled. I thought of the torture those dogs went through. I thought of the owners of those 23 dogs. Whether they were families with children, elderly folks, couples, or single people, they all loved their pets and most likely never imagined something like this could happen.

I am reminded of the Holocaust for whatever reason. The victims were confined and deprived of basic needs such as food and water. Many asked, “What god would allow this to happen?”

What god would allow the genocide of people with “mental illness” labels? What god would allow mass imprisonment, scorn and hatred, bloody massacres of those with labels by police, and atrocities such as theft of dignity, forced treatment/brainwashing, drugs they dare to call “medications,” and a multiplicity of other tortures?

Where are the tears for these thousands, or millions of human beings? Where’s the outrage over ruined lives, divided families, destroyed careers, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, crime, suicide, and addiction caused by “mental health care”?

It happens to your neighbor, your cousin, you best friend. Why are we standing by watching? Even cheering as another becomes victim of “treatment”?

As humans who are supposedly granted the power to reason, we now know there are no bad dogs. If a dog is aggressive, we hope an experienced handler with the best of intentions will show that dog that the world isn’t so scary and mean after all.

There are no canine psychopaths. As for humans, there are no psychopaths among us. We have a psychopathic system, with the medical regime coupled hand-in-hand with the law, all based on corporate greed.

I hope we can all work to halt the genocide. I think it’s an outrage.

My turn: I support Goddard College and the decision to invite a convicted cop killer to deliver commencement address, from prison

Note: A few readers have misread this entry since I posted it. I did not attempt murder of anyone. I have not been convicted of a crime nor have I ever been inside a courtroom in real life. I watched a lot of Perry Mason as a kid, though!

It’s all over the Internet. There have been countless threats. Threats of violence to students, alums, faculty, administration who have supported the graduating class’s decision to invite Mumia Abu-Jamal to speak at commencement.

I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Folks may argue that folks who are doing time no longer have these rights. That it’s okay to take someone’s rights away. It’s “justified.”

Freedom of speech and expression isn’t a right of the privileged. It isn’t a right exclusive to citizens of USA. This is a HUMAN right.

Ten years before I was born, in 1948, the United Nations wrote up a document outlining what it means to be human on this planet. The document is lengthy and contains much detail that I, as creative writer, struggle to follow. I have read and understand the summary. I highly support it.

I am part of a group comprised of attorneys and concerned humans working to repeal mental health laws. Many of us are members of the ex-patient/survivor movement. I am an infant in the  Movement right now, and eager to learn. Some members work directly with the United Nations in Geneva. I toss in ideas when I see fit. I feel that there needs to be more inclusion of people afflicted with serious eating difficulties. I feel that eating problems, food sensitivities, diabetes, digestive difficulties, and metabolic issues belong in the same group. At some point I may propose this to the committee, if I can develop a good argument that we need  representation separate from ‘users of mental health services.” Of course, there is overlap. We humans aren’t meant to fit into black and white categories.

Black and white.  What does this mean?  Guilty or not guilty…is this so clear cut? Show me one HUMAN who is thoroughly bad, so bad that a tiny group of other humans, say a jury, or one judge (who may be corrupt himself) can in one bang of the gavel deny that this person is HUMAN. That’s right, not human, with no chance to grow, learn, create, or give anything to society.

I want to tell you a story. It is a story that began with simple handwritten letters between two people that led to love and gratitude.

1978. I began corresponding with prisoners. All of these wonderful HUMANS were male. Women frequently told me I should be careful and not engage in such activities. I paid no heed. I wanted to know what prison was like. I was 20 years old, and had many postal pen pals all over the world.

1984, just before my 26th birthday. I committed the crime of attempted murder. i was lucky. The person I harmed didn’t die. I had to do prison time after that. Lots. Afterward, I was followed by the establishment for many years. During a fleeting moment while their backs were turned, I fled the country a few months ago, 2014. I am 56 years old.

During the days that followed my act, which was seen as utmost sin by many, my best friend phoned me and told me she didn’t want to associate with me anymore. Many other friends left me as well. I wasn’t human anymore in their eyes because they refused to see me that way. I was subhuman. Deserved what I got.

Not my prisoner friends, especially Roy. Roy was the only lifer with whom I corresponded. Roy and I grew closer, in fact. He got out, was pardoned, on parole.

Yes, he had killed a man. Was Roy bad? What gods had the right to determine who is no longer human in our world. Show me one judge who is that good, that just, that perfect. Show me the one without sin. Are judges chosen by God? They are chosen by our leaders. Show me a politician without sin, or a cop, or doctor. Are these folks competent to wield such power as to deny our HUMAN rights?

Let me tell you more about Roy. He was the only one who cared. My brothers, whom I cherished dearly, disowned me. I have two nephews and a niece I have hardly met. I was written off by many in 1984, but Roy stuck by me. He taught me many things. We often spoke of God, in our letters and occasional phone calls. We didn’t agree on everything and in keeping with the spirit of healthy argument, we enjoyed discussing a wide variety of topics. Now and then we exchanged photos, but we never met.

I was guilty, sure. No one asked why. It was like a permanent blacklist. Word passed on, rumors spread.

Attempted murder. The person I tried to kill was myself.

1997, 2011, and 2013 and again just after my birthday in 2014 I faced similar ordeals. Accusations. Suspicion I may be planning to kill again. Watch out, the short, skinny girl with glasses will shoot us all.

Ask my classmates at college and you might hear a different story. I graduated summa cum laude from Emerson College in 2003. I was 45 years old. I went on to pursue graduate studies at Goddard College. I finished with flying colors in 2009. Six semesters of hard work. I was and still am immensely proud of myself.

I recall fun times, laughter, late night readings, airports, and wondering if knitting needles would be confiscated by airport security. No, they weren’t, but Security was suspicious of my pens. I remember all the books I read. All the drafts and revisions. I was happy at Goddard. I had good friends.

After graduation, writing saved my life many times. I was so determined to help others. I fought for freedom of speech. I still do.

Nine lives later. Mumia Abu-Jamal is HUMAN. He is a Goddard alum, also convicted killer, also a brilliant writer and spokesperson for those like myself who are or have been incarcerated. I am human, too. I have been denied freedom of speech, which is why I left the USA. Who am I, or you, or anyone to say who is human and who is not?

Note: A few readers have misread this entry since I posted it. I did not attempt murder of anyone. I have not been convicted of a crime nor have I ever been inside a courtroom in real life. I watched a lot of Perry Mason as a kid, though!

Here are some great links from John Rohrer


I apologize that it just says, “links,” but I used this WordPress thingy to do this.  I’ll link again for those of you who are quote-unquote “paranoid” about clicking on such things.

Love, Julie and Puzzle

Involuntary psych treatment declared TORTURE: International Human Rights Council, 2013, Geneva, please read

Here’s the link.

This is maybe the most important INTERNATIONAL declaration I’ve run across and folks, we all know this stuff is



No, I am not “against treatment.”

I am not “against recovery.”

I hate all forms of abuse, including anything that dares to call itself “treatment” but in fact is inhumane. Cuz if it’s inhumane, then quit lying to yourself.  It sure ain’t “treatment.”  It’s torture.

Sure, the lure is there.  “Keep coming back.”  “The door is always open.”  Your pals are waiting.  Those loving arms.  Those everlasting euphemism smiles.  That is, until the shift is over or “that nice one” gets laid off or burnt out or a better job elsewhere.  Then what’cha gonna do when you get shoved onto the meanest bitch of a therapist in town?  Guess what? That’s exactly what happens.  If you live long enough.

Oh, you can keep on dying.  Or almost dying. Your pals will love you, hate you, love you all over again.  You might get a fan club even.  You can throw the drugs out the window or flush them down the toilet. You can watch your life swirl down with it.

Or…you can step off the merry-go-round before it’s too late. Before your entire life, years of it is swallowed up, wasted in too much “treatment.”

No, it ain’t the “illness” that’s eating at you.  It’s too many appointments, too many years in lockup. Quit going to shrinks.  Just don’t go. Stay away from those “great therapists,” tempting as they are, and slowly, you’ll begin to realize that their “help” isn’t actually “help” at all.

My parents taught me one simple thing: Don’t worship a Golden Calf.  At our home, we had a mezuzah on each entry door of our home.  This was a simple marker my dad stuck onto our door jambs, at around eye level if you were an adult.  I guess my dad assumed most adults were short like everyone in our family was.  Do you understand what this means?  I do.

To me, in a way, the mezuzah means, “Don’t mess with me.”  It means I am proud of who I am and that I was born this way. It means there is nothing wrong with who I am.  It means that societal prejudice is not my disease.  It means that I do not have to be forced into any sort of treatment for any prejudices that other people hold against me, because these are their thoughts and feelings, not mine. I do not worship their Golden Calf.  I don’t need treatment for the way I worship, nor I wish to change anything about it, because I’m okay just the way I am.

At the same time, it’s a tough world out there. The desert is dry.  Seek shelter. Stay warm. Bundle up.  Sometimes, you have to gather your people, your herds, your children, what few belongs you have left, pick up your tents and your camels, and move onward.  And hey, don’t forget those charge cords, dude.

Is my work “trivial” and does no one care? My work is important!

I am tired of being told, “No one cares about human rights.  You talk about something very specialized and everyone has their own petty lives.”

So, no one cares about cell biology, yet certain people are working tirelessly to control infectious diseases such as influenza, HIV, and measles.

No one cares about the technology behind bar codes, yet some people work very hard to make sure bar code readers work right so that when you go to a cash register, you are charged properly.

Does anyone care about people who earn minimum wage? Those that have to work three jobs sure care. Some people work very hard to advocate for raising minimum wage.

Does anyone care about abandoned animals?  Apparently, yes. These abandoned animals are all over Facebook and the Internet.  Stories that make us all cry.  No one should abuse an animal and we all get pissed off about this.

So why abuse a sick person? Why abuse someone who is weak and starved?  Why abuse a very young and scared kid?  No one can tell me what I do and what I talk about is stupid or trivial.  I need to raise awareness so that more folks get upset and pissed off at these abusers, as they are no different from those that leave animals out in the cold in cages.

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