Laptop keyboard and/or mouse lag? Try this.

I have been having a mouse lag problem lately. I thought at first that since this laptop is so old, the buttons have worn out. But the general lagginess of the whole machine was getting on my nerves. I thought maybe I needed to replace the whole thing. Granted, that’s gonna happen eventually, but I have solved the lagginess problem rather easily.

I went to some forums and found this question posed, checked out which responses seemed to make the most sense and produce actual results for the person asking the question. Undoubtedly, the following fix is the most effective and will work in most cases:

Are you running on battery? Is your battery removable? What may very well be happening is that your battery is using up a whole bunch of CPU.  If you can, charge up your battery, turn off your computer, then remove it and store it. No, not on your stovetop! Don’t give it to your dog to chew! Wrap it and store it in a cool closet or drawer, on in your laptop case so you will have it while on the road.

Now, plug in your laptop with the power cord and start up. So you are running on current only, with no installed battery.

My only problem with doing this is that I’m afraid I’ll forget there’s no battery in there. I’ll have the thing running, and decide to unplug and move my operations to another location. Ooops! Don’t do that unless you shut down. Also, really shut down.  I hear it’s not good for the battery to remove it or insert it while the laptop is in “sleep” mode.  Doing so could damage the battery.

I found that this quick fix did the trick. I hear that when you reinsert the battery, all’s fine in many cases.  If your battery is old or damaged to begin with, I’d suggest if you want to run on battery, get a new one.  Beware of these fly-by-night companies on Amazon that sell cheap batteries. I have purchased non-OEM batteries with mixed results. See to it that wherever you order from you have a way to get a replacement should they send you a bad one. Batteries cannot be returned via the mail apparently. Recycle the bad one. Sweet dreams.

Seth Farber on Talk with Tenney, online radio, in 45 minutes! Discussing Gloria X, the patient blinded at Trenton State.

Hello, here’s the link to hear the Talk with Tenney show:

I believe this will take you to Lauren’s page, where her archived shows are listed, as well as tonight’s show. Tonight’s show starts at 8pm New York Time.

Tomorrow Lauren is planning “Open Lines.”

Wednesday’s show will feature Sharon Cretsinger, and most likely another guest as well. Check Lauren’s page for more info.

Beyond that, I can’t recall. Last night was Jen Padron, but I missed it cuz I was asleep! 8pm New York time is 10pm here right now. See ya. I’ll be there tonight!


Doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs

I have never met an Indian chief. I have met many doctors and have known a few lawyers, too.

Here’s the behind-the-scene logic:

You can hire a lawyer. It’s easy if you have lots of dough. Just flash it in front of their faces, and they will go after it.

If you don’t have money, it has to look lucrative in some other way. For the most part, lack of money means no justice.

The lawyer will ask you in a ten-minute or less conversation what your case is.  More likely, it’s not the lawyer, nor a paralegal, but a secretary or data entry person.  Lawyers ask for tangible and measurable proof, hopefully in dollars and cents, before they even take your case on.  Of course, you can’t really tell them this before there’s even been an investigation.

Lawyers don’t count trauma. If the consequences of trauma are measurable, they still don’t count it. They will say, “So what? So you didn’t like what happened to you. Big deal.” They will say this to you no matter how unlawful the crime was.

Many will say to a person who was a victim of domestic abuse, “Well, at least he didn’t kill you,” and then tell you you don’t have a case.  Nothing measurable, even if you lived in sheer terror for years.

If the crime resulted in trauma leading to loss of job or finances, you can’t prove it. You know it, but try telling one of these secretaries who are gainfully employed and have happy families.

If the crime resulted in trauma so severe that you live in fear afterward for years, and your whole personality changes, you still can’t prove it and nothing can be measured in dollars and cents. If your family abandoned you, or if you were bullied as a result, you still can’t prove it to these people. How will they get compensated if you cannot throw dollars at them?

Doctors, shrinks in particular, don’t base anything on measurable proof. Mental illness isn’t seen by microscope, lab test, throat culture, or EEG.

Shrinks try their darndest to medicate everything. Shyness, grief, homosexuality, nightmares, even back pain. Morning sickness. Oh, pregnancy itself, too.  Active kids (I think they SHOULD be that way, don’t you?).

I have never seen someone with his back “all in his head.” I think these are separate bone structures. Last I checked. Unless you smash a brick straight down on someone. Would that work?  Shrinks love barbaric practices.

So…what can the shrinks base their “diagnoses” on?  Speculation and guesswork. Give ‘em a pill and see what happens. Experimentation.  Lock ‘em up, and if that pisses them off, it’s another illness.

Don’t you wish lawyers were so talented at speculation and wild guesses?

Lots of dollars, no sense. What germs? Is it contagious? Shoot me up with a vaccine that will keep me “stable.” It’s a fucked up world, so we need our sheeple clothes to protect us.

So when you are out of money from having gone to shrinks, have lost your home, and even your own church kicked you out, what lawyer is gonna take on your case unless you show him the dough?

Then, you might as well say you eat gluten free. What dough?

Don’t bother. Time for voodoo, or any time-proven tradition.  Go to an Indian chief. You’ll be better off.


Upcoming show next weekend!

Click on the link to get to the show! No phone necessary to listen in.  Call-in instructions are posted.

Exercise, from radio show 10/19

Writing exercise! As mentioned on yesterday’s show….

Consider this poem by David Ignatow:



David Ignatow

I wished for death often

but now that I am at its door

I have changed my mind about the world.

It should go on; it is beautiful,

even as a dream, filled with water and seed,

plants and animals, others like myself,

ships and buildings and messages

filling the air – a beauty

if I have ever seen one.

In the next world, should I remember

this one, I will praise it

above everything.


Here’s what to do now…I am going to post it again, leaving out some of the poem. It’s your turn. Fill in the blanks! Be as creative as you want! No rules for “staying inside the box.” As a matter of fact, there is no box, it’s a mass delusion.



David Ignatow

I wished for death often

but now that I am at its door

I have changed my mind about the world.

It should go on; it is beautiful,

even as a dream, filled with _________



___________________–a beauty

if I have ever seen one.

In the next world, should I remember

this one, I w praise it

above everything.


Have fun! Love, Julie and Puzzle

Ebola: The myth will be an excuse to close the borders….

Mass panic.  Geez. Well, I admit I fell for Y2K, did I not?  Oh, those fallout shelters were gonna save us, right? The flu shot is so, so necessary and healthy for you. Thalidomide, anyone? A mammogram will get rid of cancer.  We all have social anxiety disorder.

Great. Now the corporations that run the world have a perfect excuse to close the USA borders. No one gets out, no one gets in.

It’s a perfect way to end immigration. Those dirty people who don’t speak English.  They are all thieves, mobsters, thugs, drug dealers. Why not kill all the blacks and all the gays too?

Never mind the concept of “freedom.” No one should have it. Government knows best. Parens patriae.

Mass panic. Keep ‘em out. We love our greener grass, do we not?

Hate to clue you in, but it’s made of plastic. The lie. Go water it and keep up the delusion.

Radio call-in show today at 1pm New York time!

Instructions: you can listen in via the web, or, if you aren’t available at showtime, listen to the archived show. If you wish, you may tune in via phone. Call 917-889-2247. You can then hear the show. If you wish to get into the queue to speak on air, press 1, or *1 on some phones.  You will hear a confirmation.  I will let you know when you are live. If you press 1 (or *1) again you will be off the queue, and the same canned female voice will let you know.

Today’s show will be 30 minutes long.

Most likely, future shows won’t be scheduled for Sundays. Maybe Saturday instead.

Instructions to rapists and other abusers

Dear rapists and abusers,

So you are in the business of ruining people’s lives? Take some tips from me. I have been raped, so I know a few tips, known only to “insiders.” Really, I should be charging people some fee to access this valuable information.

So, rapists and abusers, if you really have the need to dominate, you need to pick your victim wisely.

Do not rape the president. Do not rape the pope. Do not rape someone who has lots of money cuz if you get nailed, the person can afford to hire the ritziest lawyer in town who has an “in” with the local judge.

A better victim would be females, but a male will do in a pinch. See to it that you are with this person alone. If you find her in a bar, get her to a place where you are alone with her.

Don’t rape a cop. Stay away from the martial arts instructor. If your victim has a gun on her, she might use it on you. You don’t want to be shot, do you? Let’s keep this as cozy and uncomplicated as possible.

If witnesses suddenly appear, it’s just a date, right? Act all nice and gentleman-like till they are outa sight. Then, you can get on with the business.

Find a bar that’s overheated. She might have taken off a few layers, trying to cool off. So what’s she got underneath? Pick a woman who is dressed provocatively, or in some manner that shows what’s underneath. That way, if she nails you afterward, she’ll be the one blamed, and you will go free.

Find someone weaker than you. Females, children, handicapped, elderly. If she’s already on drugs of any kind, this will be used against her in court.

People known to be mental patients are great targets. Who will believe a mental patient? The cops won’t even investigate. You will be free to rape again.

If a person known to be a mental patient shows up at an ER saying she’s been raped, chances are she’ll get thrown into a psych ward, and they’ll call her delusional. You won’t even hear from a cop or a judge.

Don’t even worry about damages, such as trauma. Now, the psychiatric people have pills for PTSD, as they call it. Pills for nightmares, pills for hyper-vigilance and pills for flashbacks. So your victim will be fine. You won’t have to worry about what you did. It’s curable! What miraculous pharmaceuticals!

If you rape a known mental patient using a date rape pill, leave her unconscious and don’t worry. When she’s picked up, she’ll be accused of a suicide attempt. She’ll deny it, but since so many suicide attempt survivors get the label “lacks insight into condition,” no one will take her seriously.

For the rest of her life.

Yep, that’s what you did. She’s labeled and blacklisted. Even her family hates her now because after all, the doctor said she’s crazy. If you are lucky, the victim will get locked into a state institution. Don’t worry, what you did will be forgotten or ignored, or she’ll be told “it’s trivial” and to shut up.

She’ll be told to focus on “treatment” and not the trauma. She’ll be told to speak of what REALLY happened will upset other patients. That’s called “triggering.” It’s psychobabble, but most victims fall for it and go silent and compliant. She’ll be told all about “mindfulness,” or staying in the present only. This is to your advantage because she will start mentally slapping herself every time she thinks of the trauma, or relives it.

If you are a person of prestige, and she isn’t, of course it’s to your advantage. So if you are a doctor or therapist, you can say the abuse was “part of the treatment.” Since psych diagnoses can be given without any proof, you can lie and say she was your patient who was highly psychotic.

She might wish she could nail you for what you did, but as soon as she mentions it to anyone they will tell her she’s got “anger issues.” That’s an psychiatric illness, by the way. For that, more pills, more therapy, whatever’s trendy. The more doped up they make her, the better for you, rapist.

I wouldn’t suggest killing your victim. I know, this will ensure she won’t talk. But killing is messy and you are bound to get caught. Keep her alive instead and continue to torture her to keep her silent. No one likes a dead body. After all, a body is evidence.

Please pay me for this advice on your way out. Your 50 minutes are up.


Hmm…maybe I should have said, “Don’t rape,” eh? Oh well. He’s left now, out there getting his rocks off.

Are you ready to fire your shrink? Here’s how to get the psychs off your back!

Hello, my name is Julie Greene. I am not a professional person in the mental health field, but if there’s such thing as “professional patient,” I sure was one, for many years. Given this, I have a bit of advice that you can take or leave regarding getting rid of “shrinkage.


I don’t know you nor do I know your situation. There are so many reasons why a porson may want to not see a shrink, or a particular shrink, anymore.

You might feel you don’t need to see this person anymore.

You may hate the stigma of seeing a shrink and feel it’s not worth it.

The shrink might be too expensive for your pocketbook.

You may feel that the shrink is unqualified to treat your condition.

It may not be a “good match” and you want to look elsewhere.

The shrink might be abusive.

You feel you might be better off without therapy,, or meds, so you want to go without to see what will happen.

Regarding medication, these psych meds are about the most powerful drugs out there. You may feel awful on them due to side effects, or some other reason. Or you may feel you are on a good “cocktail” and don’t want to go off them. Or maybe you can’t afford the pills or your insurance no longer covers them. If you want to remain on meds, but don’t want to see a psychiatrist, there are options, of course, but some aren’t legal. Be aware that some of these drugs if not most cannot be stopped cold turkey, otherwise you could have a seizure or something else awful could happen. This is a risk, because if you are seriously ill from withdrawal and show your face at an ER, you’ll be re-labeled with some “mental illness.” Most facilities don’t recognize withdrawal no matter what you tell them. Be careful. I would suggest doing extensive research on how to stop the drug, so you get off safely. It depends on many factors as to the extent of “withdrawal.” No two people are alike. You were put on these drugs via “guesswork,” anyway.

Also, therapy can be addicting. Some therapists will lower the frequency of appointments before you stop altogether. If you stop cold turkey, be sure to have a decent number of people you can talk to regularly, to take up the slack.

So say you want to fire your shrink. Some shrinks will just let you go. Others become nags, or even call the police on you. I would suggest assessing the situation realistically. You probably know this shrink’s tactics (and maybe you know your shrink far better than she/he knows you).

The easiest and most Kosher way would be to go to the shrink and say goodbye. This may or may not work. Some shrinks fly into a panic and section you on the spot. If your shrink is like that, you need to take precautions. Others call you up and nag the heck out of you, trying to win you back.

So if firing in person isn’t an option, you can try the following:

If the shrink works for an agency that has a strict no-show policy, don’t show up. After missing two sessions you’re out. If your shrink calls and asks why, tell him/her you have someone else lined up, whether you do or not. When the shrink asks who this person is, you have options at this point:

You can tell the shrink you will phone him/her with the name. Pretend you can’t recall right now, or say it’s a complicated ethnic name that’s impossible to spell or pronounce. Then, don’t call the shrink. Or if you aren’t worried about records-sharing, tell the shrink the person’s name. Or misspell the person’s name, making it unrecognizable who this person is, and goof the contact number by a digit or two.

Try this: Phone the shrink before your next scheduled appointment and say you relocated very very very far away. You have to fake it at this point if you are terrified the shrink might not believe you. After all, if you don’t want shrinkage it’s your right. Not that they see it that way. They generally see us as inferior people who are in “need” of some person playing God in their lives.

Call the shrink ahead of time with news that a relative has suddenly passed away and you are already out of town going to the funeral. Be at the funeral forever. They might believe you if you say your flight was delayed and you are stuck in some remote area. You might have to camp out at a friend’s house in case the shrink decides you are lying. If they send the cops, therefore, he cops will find you not there.

Sue the shrink. Or see to it that the shrink believes you are suing him/her. You will be blacklisted.

Vandalize the shrink’s office or waiting room. Yeah, I know that’s extreme and could get the law after you, so be careful, but at the same time, you want to make sure your shrink knows it’s you, so you get properly kicked out. Vandalism is a great way to get discharged from a hospital instantly as well.

Go look at those papers your shrink gave you. Are you on a contract? Break it.

Tell the shrink you feel terrible and are going to the ER for “treatment.” Don’t say which one. Tell the shrink you’ll have the ER call. When the ER doesn’t call, the shrink won’t care anyway, assuming that you are getting great “care” and he/she is off the hook.

You can try this, too, tell him/her the hospital you are in is sending you to long-term rehab. Don’t call from a bar. Don’t call from an airport or anyplace that has background noise giving you away.

Lie about your insurance noncoverage. If you do this, be sure your “new” insurance is one that the therapist doesn’t take. Some may mention their sliding scale, but most of these scales aren’t that sliding.

Show up drunk. Many will fire on the spot.

If you are in eating disorders care, they may fire you arbitrarily if your weight is too low. If you aren’t already under their arbitrary limit, lie and say you are…over the phone. Say you are going to a “higher level of care.” That might work.

Tell your shrink you have a job, whether you do or not, and you absolutely aren’t available during his/her hours.

Tell your shrink you have a dying relative in a distant city and you are the designated one to care for this relative. Say you will be back, but don’t show.

Have your car break down and tell the shrink you can’t do the commute.

Break your leg…or say it’s broken. Or your back. Don’t walk anywhere near your shrink’s neighborhood, and if you have to, bring a borrowed pair of crutches and walk on them if you fear being found out.

Tell your shrink you have Bird Flu, Ebola, or something extremely contagious and will be gone so long he/she forgets you exist.

Have a relative call your shrink to say you are dead. Eat an apple and see to it that a piece of it gets lodged in your throat, so you will appear dead, Sleeping Beauty style. Or buy a manikin and put it in a coffin. Move. Use your maiden name from now on, or make one up.

Am I leaving out the obvious? Leave the country. Go someplace where there’s no shrinkage.

Thank the shrink profusely and tell him/her just how great their care was. By kissing ass, you won’t be labeled “paranoid.” Complaining about bad care will lead to a “paranoia” diagnosis and that shrink could then take action you really don’t want.

Remember that song by Paul Simon? 50 ways to leave your lover. Go out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan. Then, change your name to Jack or Stan.

Bon Voyage!

What if, in fact, it’s not forever?

Many people are told they have a permanent mental defect that requires meds and therapy for the remainder of their lives. I am not going to argue with anyone regarding their own situation. That’s your business. However, what I am asking is the following:

Please consider the POSSIBILITY that it’s not forever. Just the possibility. Leave that door of possibility open. That’s all I am asking.

Not long ago, I was totally convinced I had schizoaffective disorder and would need to be heavily medicated for the rest of my life. I learned that this wasn’t true.

More recently, I was abused in a hospital and was left with a trauma reaction. Call it PTSD if you wish. I thought that I was “broken” due to this abuse and that I would live in fear forever. This wasn’t true, either.

Those of you who are relatives and friends of people labeled “mentally ill” need to keep the door open as well. Unfortunately, most people assume you are nuts for life, and this doesn’t help you, does it? Our doctors also make this assumption, which is why people are routinely blacklisted, marginalized, or left to die in ghettos for the poor or “mentally ill.”

What if?

Many people die or give up hope still believing their condition is permanent. They stay on drugs at high doses thinking that if they didn’t take these drugs, they’d turn back into wild adolescents. I don’t think it’s within the realm of human capability to turn back the clocks. If you are 30 now, you will be 31 next year.  You won’t be 17.

What if?

What if you have matured? What if sowing your wild oats and getting rip roaring drunk aren’t in your repertoire anymore?

What if your actions in your youth were due to stress from college? What if you acted in the manner you did because you were in an abusive marriage? Or what if your crazy actions were from a drug reaction?

Friends and family, if you saw your family member acting strangely or being rebellious, consider the possibility that maybe your comrade isn’t like that anymore.

It breaks my heart when I hear about families that dump their members just because of something a doctor said. Or because of a one-time incident.

Consider the possibility that the doctor was wrong. Doctors are wrong just like anyone else. Consider the possibility that I am wrong. Or you or your spouse.

Consider forgiveness.

I was once told that I would never walk again. I ran five miles on Tuesday and almost that on Thursday this week.

Auto mechanics can be wrong. Photographers can be wrong. Journalists can be wrong. Have you ever had a teacher who said you stink at a certain subject, and that turned out to be false? Why put doctors on a pedestal?

What if?


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