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Hello everyone and welcome to the my blog.  This blog replaces my blog at http://blog.juliegreene.name.  I also have a home website at www.juliegreene.name, which contains writings from my new book, This Hunger Is Secret: My Journeys Through Mental Illness and Wellness, as well as other writings.  The site is sorely out of date due to technical stuff I won’t bore you with. My blog here at WordPress is more up-to-date. I ask that folks understand that what you see here is not necessarily representative of myself as a whole. I provide slices of life and no more. Please do not read a few posts, or ten posts, or all 3000+ posts and then assume you know all about me.   This is a common pitfall leading to hasty, judgmental conclusions about me that are almost always incorrect. Another pitfall is that often readers read an old post and assume it’s current. Please keep in mind that human beings are changing creatures. I try to see different angles on things. I often change my opinion. I encourage anyone to consider, as I do, that the world may not be as it seems.

A handful of photos in the archives were lost in transfer from my other blog, but I am attempting to replace them all, gradually.  I encourage you to subscribe to this blog and get all the updates via e-mail.   This is a new feature.  You can search for text, locate a certain date via the calendar, click on a specific month, or tag on the “tag cloud,” or category.   For instance, if you want to see my dog sweaters, simply click on “Dog Sweaters,” and voila!  All the dog sweater entries appear.  Feel free to leave a comment if you want.  These are e-mailed to me for approval.  I will get them up on the site ASAP so long as they are not spam.   Another feature I’ve discovered that WordPress has is that it has enabled me to phone in posts if I’m unable to get to a computer.  I’ve done this when I’ve been hospitalized.  Most of these entries are tagged, “Post by Voice” and titled, “Audio Post.”  Just turn on your speakers and click on the “play” button.

Please keep in mind that you choose to read my stuff. No one is forcing you. Reading my blog is voluntary. If you don’t like what you see, x out the window and I’ll be gone. If you find my writing offensive, realize that you were not locked up nor threatened nor bribed nor held in restraints nor under hypnotic trance. Words can enlighten, but enlightnment, like growth, is rarely cozy. The stuff I write is the true as I witnessed it. I note when passages are speculation, or fictional.

As writer of memoir, I don’t write euphemistic stuff nor downplay the intensity of raw feeling. If I did, it would be dishonest. It is not at all painful to write about my past. If it was, I would not be writing memoir. I take pleasure in writing on a variety of topics.

I highly doubt that reading here will cause anyone’s relapse. If you have heard a rumor that I am “against recovery” then kindly contact me and let me know where you heard this nonsense. My email address is Julie@juliegreene.net.

If you want nice and easy, read elsewhere. Or keep those blinders on and stumble around in the dark. You choose.



My home page is www.juliegreene.name.   There you can view my writings and excerpts from This Hunger Is Secret: My Journeys Through Mental Illness and Wellness.  You can download the book in .pdf form here.  The paperback is now available for purchase here.

I am available to do readings.  I love to read aloud to people.  I’m good at it.  This comes from my days of performing as a musician.  See you then!
You can contact me here.

Julie G

Julie, graduation day
July 12, 2009

Julie with hat 7_09

July 2009

  1. Thank you Julie! My friend has a dog exactly like yours. His name is buddy. Thank you so much for your kind remarks and for reading my story.


    • Awww. Hello to Buddy! I LOVE your story, Jonathan. You write so well! I think you will find out, if you haven’t already, that many of us are in agreement with you, and have had similar experiences with the various ever-growing medical industrial complexes out there. I was never in alcohol “care”/prison myself. Actually, I hear anyone can end up in such places even if you aren’t alcoholic! I’m hopelessly a teatotaler, even though I have tried my darndest to “switch” from being eating disordered. It didn’t work. I take a few sips, then lose interest.


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