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Eating Disorder Rescue Lesson One is finally finished and up on the site

I finished Lesson One at last.  Of course, all the writing part was done ages ago, and the filming I did all at once in one evening, but the editing took so darned long.  But tonight, or, rather should I say last night (I was up all night doing this, I must admit) I finally finished Lesson One.

Oh boy oh boy, I did not want to wait you guys.  I was dying to get this up on Vimeo.  But as you know or may not know, uploading takes ages.

Yes, a watched pot does boil, and I watched the darned pot from beginning to end.  I enjoyed watching it boil, and yeah, seeing that 100% on Vimeo is great.  But then Vimeo had the nerve to tell me I had to wait some 45 minutes for the darned thing to queue and then “convert.”  Huh?

Well, I suppose I should not act like a spoiled child.  You can’t always get what you want right away.  However, it was something like 4am,  or maybe later, maybe 5am by then.  And then, you know, I guess you could say the night had rolled over for me.

So before you know it, the video had “converted” and all was fine and dandy in all-nighter land.  I was determined to do everything just right.  So I figured out how to do html and get the Vimeo embedded into my site,  And yeah, it’s there all right.  Lesson One is right here.

I love you folks.  I worked so hard to get this right.  Take care.

News about, my new site

from the site:

“I have finished filming Lesson One at last and it is in the editing stages.  As expected, it is taking me lots of time to get the movie just the way I want it. The writing part took about a week.  Reading it in front of the camera in fact went quite smoothly.   I am rather clumsy with the “effects” part of putting it all together, but am slowly learning.  I expect to have the entire Lesson One up here on the site by Saturday night, that is, the 30th of March, 2013.  I will also be providing a link that you can click on, which will be supplementary reading.  It goes along with the movie, to read afterward if you want to learn more.  You will see.

Till then,

Julie and Puzzle”

PS: the film will be posted on Vimeo rather than You-Tube due to time constraints.  I’ll get all this figured out by tomorrow night.  Boy do I love being a techie.

Yesterday I wrote about the funniest thing ever

Our church talent show is coming up, and I thought I was too exhausted and sick this year to participate.  Well, no, ain’t true at all.  I plan to show up.  Of course I will.  I started writing yesterday, got a bad case of writer’s high, and went with it.  Almost died laughing.

I think the thing’s funny.  Or I hope it is.

Meanwhile, Lesson One is all written and I didn’t video it yesterday cuz I had to go grocery shopping.  I figured out that I can use my Vimeo membership and upload Lesson One there, and then embed it onto the site, or use html, so I won’t have to split the film into two parts.  If I use You-Tube, I’ll have to split it into two due to time restrictions.  If I split it up, folks might just give up after the first part or not be able to find the sequel, or just get bored. I sure don’t want to be boring or stupid.

After all, they’re watching some 55-year-old not-so-great-looking-anymore hippie nut, not Oprah after all.  She’s more fascinating.  Nor are they watching some doctor with credentials and statistics and a lab coat.  Or someone young and pretty and skinny showing us just how skinny they ended up and how they “recovered”…or died…or whatever.   Many of these films are very well done, of course, I’m not knocking them.

But anyway, I’ll do my thing and hopefully it will be helpful to someone.  That’s the point.

Gee, I love being a memoirist

I have spent forever and ever writing Lesson One for my new site and I will spend forever and ever filming it.  I wonder if the writing gods will kill me for committing some writing sins when I wrote it.

I love breaking rules.  I love that I was born a rebel.  I ain’t stopped yet.

My dad will be proud of me.  First of all, I’m damn good with computers and such.  Well, I have phoned tech support and asked some my share of very, very dumb questions.  Haven’t we all?  But never mind that.

What if there were a tech support line to God?  Now, what kinds of stupid questions would God get?

Can you imagine all the stupid questions the writing gods would get?

Oh yeah, I can hear all the questions now about submissions deadlines.

Probably the writing gods sleep on the job, just like the night staff at psych hospitals, right?  That’s why they apply for the job in the first place, so they can sleep all night.  We used to watch them at McLean every night.  This lady, right at the beginning of the shift, she’d get two chairs together, get her pillows and blankets, and lay the blankets on the chair and her pillows just so.   The three staff would order all of us into our rooms and tell us we had to stay in there and not get out until 6am.

Whenever I’d peek outside my room, that lady would be asleep there in her chair, with her pillows and blankets.  What was she dreaming about all night long?  She was asleep just like the writing gods, just doing the job she was hired for, so ask them.

The morning after setting up the new site: Plans, plans, and more plans

I’ve had Lesson One planned out for a bit now, since last weekend, but I have research to do on it and a few old journals to look up.  I have to pick through my  memory for everything I can find on the subject I want to discuss.  I am so thankful that the shock treatments I had in 1995, 1996, and 2000 did not wipe these memories out.  I have so few actual written documents that go into a lot of detail, and I’m sure there were no diagrams or handouts.

I am so, so excited about this subject you guys, you would not believe it.

I really love being a memoirist.  People ask me, “Why not drop the past and move on?” What is my answer to this?

I use memory to heal.  And now, I am using memory, digging up what I remember and using it to teach.  Because what I learned back then was very, very valuable, relevant, and meaningful for everyone.  I think folks with ED can especially benefit from this information.  Why?  I have taught it myself and seen it in action.

And so, I will tell the story.  I am good at storytelling.

I’ve started a new site logging my human rights efforts on the Alcott Unit

Here is the site:

I plan to write more of the saga tomorrow.  I am tired right now.  Wait till you hear about my new plans for this case.

Here’s what GoDaddy has to say….,0,3446985.story

…meanwhile, I am considering moving off GoDaddy, reading all sorts of yucky things about them.  Too bad, as I’ve used them for years.

I’ve had a handful of yucky experiences with their tech support.  A few times, I’ve called and discovered that all their techies do is go to the “help” menu and look stuff up. So they don’t really know their products.  I found that much of the time, I had to ask to be transferred to some “Advanced Tech Support” for help.  And these guys just shrugged their shoulders and told me there was no answer.  Finally, they told me I was calling them too much.  That was a weird thing to say, since it sounded like they’d been sitting around that night with nothing to do.  So I didn’t call for a few years. When you e-mail, you wait 24 hours between each e-mail, so it’s a matter of days and days to get a question answered.  But if I call, they want to know my customer number.  I feared that since maybe they “flagged” me as a frequent caller, maybe a nuisance, I should pretend I forgot my number so they wouldn’t put me off. Anyway, I rarely call them anymore.  I think I’m going to get out of their system.

Wow, my site julie greene dot name looks really great with google chrome

I was working on it using my usual firefox and found that it kept freezing.  I got rather frustrated and decided to check my browser to see if I had the latest version.  I decided to clear the cache.  Finally, when all else failed, I asked myself, “I wonder if Chrome will work any faster?”  Wow.  It does!  Chrome is great.   I like the stuff I could do with my Favorites, and the website builder stopped having all its silly quirks that it had before.

So now, julie greene dot name is much more spiffy than it was before!  Oh, by the way, I put up a page of all my videos on the site.  So you can see all my Amazon video reviews on one  page.  Me and Puzzle!

Julie Greene dot name is updated!

I added a flash intro and updated many pages.

Go check it out:

Julie Greene dot name

I’ve added a new link to the sidebar: buy This Hunger Is Secret in paperback

No, the paperback is not officially out yet but you can pre-order it from the publisher!

Go to the sidebar.  The link is right there on top.

Hint: when you get to the Chipmunkapublishing site, there is a drop-down menu on the RH side of the page.  Switch British pounds to American dollars if you use American currency, or you can switch it to Euros if you live in a country that uses Euros.  I think there is an Australian dollar option but I’m not sure.

The price is just over 25 bucks, lots more than I’d like it to be, but this does include shipping.  The book is printed in both the US and the UK.  I believe we are also printing in Australia.  So if you live in those countries, it will not be an international shipment.  I believe once the book is in print, it is shipped within 24 hours.  I’m not sure how fast Amazon will be shipping.

Anyway, the e-book text has not yet been replaced that I know of.  Still waiting on that one.  Also, the pages where the book is displayed on the publisher’s site need to be fixed up.  I e-mailed them from the hospital but have not yet received a reply.  There are just a few technicalities that need to be taken care of.

You know, red tape.

See ya.

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