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What a surprise. I wrote an intro to my book that pleases me.

Not that I wanted to write the intro first, but that’s what happened.  I’m not sure about other writers, but to me it seems more logical to hold off, delay writing the intro, and instead, dig into the meat of the book.

I got up after sleeping a bit and within minutes, I had the idea for the intro.  So that’s why I wrote it. Because it came to me.


Time for a break. I’m going to sleep some more, then get up and work

I’m going for a walk outside with Puzzle for a bit, then I think I’ll catch some shuteye.  You know how I am, I only sleep a few hours.  Then, back to work.  I’ll work as long ask I can.

Okay, this is my life I guess. Work, break, sleep.  Work, break, sleep. Till it’s done.

The only thing weird about my schedule is that my body is unable to sleep for more than 3-1/2 hours consecutively. All I have to do is to work around it.

I can do this. Watch me.

10pm, still outlining

It’s a bit of busywork copying over the outline so I can work on filling it out.  However, doing this copying isn’t all just rote boring stuff, because it affords me the opportunity to rethink each step and organize accordingly.

I am determined to finish this bit and then write one scene before I go to bed.

Working Title: “Madness Invisible”

I’ve been playing around with that one for a while and like it best.  Then, after Madness Invisible  there would be some sort of secondary title, something descriptive right there so the reader knows what he/she is going to be in for.

It’s 8:30pm. I’m ready to write now.  I’m fully primed, like a runner warming up, waiting for that race to start.

The crowd bristles.

We begin.

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