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Today I created my goodbye present for Dr. P

I made a story while I was taking a shower, and committed it to memory, but then wrote it down and made it a part of my seventh book, which I am now in the process of writing during this month of July.  So I guess I will bring it in and read it to Dr. P.  It is my goodbye present to her.


You’re really not going to believe the title of the story.  Oh yes.  The Story of the Talking Appliances.  Just what a psychiatrist needs to hear.  I’ll post it here in my blog after I present it to her on that day, which will be this coming Wednesday, the 10th of July, 2013.  I’ll be home late afternoon (New York time) and that’s when I’ll post it.


Oh, I’m so psychotic and crazy, aren’t I?  I must need a pill.  Oh dear.  They look so yummy and appetizing.  Gimme.


1576 words and I’m going to bed

So pleased with what I have.

If nobody else likes it, they can go to hell.

Hey, how lovely: word count 1,218 and the day ain’t over yet

Just thought I’d let you dudes know I am indeed writing this book.  Didn’t start Day One until late.  I had to get organized.  I think I like what I have, and it’s gonna be a killer, bitches.

I haven’t yet joined the Nano site.  I may.  I may not.  I figure 1,667 words per day will get me a 50,000 word book in 30 days whether I join or not.

So someone (not a therapist or doctor, never mind who it was) said I should be in day treatment?  Oh, blather on.  What kind of nonsense is that?  I think the person forgot I’m a writer.  In fact, the person who made that statement doesn’t know me too well.

I’m having a blast over here.

July…Nano project title…

Well, who knew it.  As I’ve said, I’ve been thinking of doing a July Nano.   I was just about to go to bed. Presto….my title came to me.  Never mind what it is.  I’m rather excited about it.  Weird how these things happen.

Funny, though…now I kinda know what the book is gonna be about….Hmm…Like a sneak preview, sorta.  I suppose that’s the way the end of June is.  You’re doomed, Julie.

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