I am truly never, ever bored. I do not drink nor party yet I never think of my life as boring nor dull. I can’t understand why a person would need a drink in their hands to feel okay. Nor do I understand how a person can need a sex partner to feel whole.  I guess I got past that junior high mentality a while back. Or maybe bypassed it entirely.

I enjoy solitary sports and was never a good team player. Right now I enjoy running and walking my dog. Here’s my running page:


I also enjoy knitting. I am the type of person who can decipher charts and graphs easily. I am mathematically-minded. So knitting suits me well. I ended up designing and knitting many dog sweaters for my dog, Puzzle. Thankfully, she’s not the type to rip off her brand new sweaters and eat them. Here’s my knitting page:


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