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  1. Hi Julie. It’s Julia of Feed Me Daily. So glad you resonated with my words and glad to knwo that I am not alone on this journey.


    • Hey Julia,

      Keep on keeping on. I just read your writings and you rock! I do remember those days. I am going to tell you something right here, right now. It is not your fault. It is certainly not a moral issue. Have you ever heard of the disease called pica? Binge eating is in fact just like that only the mental health system decided that you can therapize folks to death and maybe they’ll stop. Therapy is not working for people because binge eating is physical and not mental.

      I’m going to go wildly off a limb. In fact, I’m so wildly off on a limb that this will be controversial and raise a zillion eyebrows. I’m going to write this for you in a blog entry, “Why therapy does not work for binge eating” and I am going to write this right now, so stay tuned.


  2. hello im romeus roberto ART paint and scilture metalic but i live in haiti pignon


  3. Grace Heckenberg

    Julie, as a psychiatric survivor, I appreciate your courageous blog!
    Hope you find ways to deal with your problem that do not involve more contacts with therps & shrinks.
    If I had a blog like yours, my masthead read CELEBRATING 40 years of psychiatric misdiagnosis! (I don’t want those nitwits to understand me. And I enjoy watching them get it so wildly, preposterously wrong in every — fortunately rare – contact.)


    • Thanks, Grace. Problem? What problem? Main one was getting the heck away from those idiots! I am indeed away! Far far away! No problemo now! Diagnosis? Um…that I don’t know Spanish? How’s that? But no one is locked up for that here. We learn it.


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