I no longer feel groggy, headachy, drugged, wobbly, and flu-like upon waking

The above problem I’ve been dealing with consistently for a year and a half.  It got to the point where my choices really sucked: be tired, or respond to fatigue by napping and then be permanently groggy and wobbly on my feet for the remainder of the day.

I am off Trileptal and no longer experience ataxia, which is what the wobbliness was. It is completely gone.

I have had bad headaches since the fall, probably due to many factors, including dehydration, poor nutrition, altered vital signs from Imipramine, agitation and tension from Imipramine, and of late, my thyroid being off.

I have had hypothyroidism for a long time and I don’t talk about it because I always thought it was a non-issue.  You get your blood tested, and if your thyroid is too low or too high, the doc adjusts the medication and if you felt bad, you’ll probably get some relief.

My thyroid was off this spring.  My new doctor said once the thyroid level is correct, I would see improvements all over, such as reduction in headaches, less trouble fighting off dehydration, and reduction in edema.

I wish the edema bit had come true.  Unfortunately, the edema is worse than ever.  I can make a noticeable dent when I press anywhere on my legs, not just on my ankes.

I think the thyroid fix was what really helped the recent headaches and flu-like feeling.  I also feel better in my overall mood.

Another thought: didn’t the headaches start to get a lot worse around the time I got my flu shot?  This was also when I started Imipramine.

I napped for a long time.  I just woke up and I don’t feel wicked sick.  That’s pretty much a first.

One big goal for this afternoon is to take care of those overdue library books….


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